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Topic Issued Time
Welcome Mackays marketing and Taiwan Banana Research Instityte! 2015-09-11
Signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Changchou Agriculture Biotech research center, Fukien, and AGBT. 2010-05-09
The administrators of the people’s government of Xiang Fan, Hu-Pei, visited 2010-04-24
Vice president of Thailand department of Agriculture official visited 2010-03-26
VICVAM Asia 2010 Biotech Exhibition in Thailand 2010-03-03
President, Ma, Ying Jeou, interviewed the prizewinners of 2009 National Biotech and Medical Quality Award 2010-02-11
Zhang Wenqing, President of Chongqing Light Industry and Texttile Holding (Group) CO., LTD. And GM of Shanhai Sanmao visited. 2010-01-12
Awards 2009 National Biotech and Medical Quality Copper Award 2009-12-22
The officials of Malaysia Farmers Organization Authority visited 2009-11-30
Wang Bin, Secretary of CPC Binhai County Committee and the official team visited 2009-11-28
Chief secretary of Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan visited 2009-11-24
Liu, Xiangyang , Standing Committee Member of CPC Sheyang County Committee and the official team from Jaingsu visited. 2009-11-22
Awards 16th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award 2009-11-20
Awards 1st Grand Awards of Innovation in scientific and technology agribusiness 2009-11-16
Xu Chao, Secretary of CPC Sheyang County Committee form Jaingsu and the official team visited 2009-11-09
International Administration of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan lead traders from the Philippines Visaya province to visit. 2009-11-06
Japanese Food Industry journalist interviewed 2009-09-30
Agricultural research institutes and traders form Southeast Asia, inc Vitnam, Cambodia and etc., visited. 2009-09-24
F1 World of Food Asia in Thailand Bangkok 2009-09-09
2009 Bio Taiwan in Taipei World Trade Center. 2009-07-23
Awards the Outstanding Technology agribusiness (1st Technology Agribusiness selection) 2009-07-10
Governor of Thailand Ang Thong’s province visited. 2009-07-07
CEO of Development Program of Industrialization for Agriculture Biotechnology visited 2009-06-24
US Biotech exhibition 2009 2009-05-01
Vice-Chairmanship of Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan visited 2009-04-30
Junior Chamber International Korea 2009-04-25
Malaysia Datuk visited 2009-04-13
Vietnam Hanoi WTO Trade Fair 2009 2009-04-05
The Federation of Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia Visit AGBT 2009-03-26
GreTai Securities Market Visit AGBT 2009-03-13
AGBT joined the exhibition of IPM 2009 in Dubai. 2009-03-08
Xiao Wan-Chang, the Vice President of Taiwan visited AGBT 2009-02-24