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Bacillus pumillus、Bacillus subtilius、Bacillus safensis
Products Features:

Phosphorus is one of the primary nutrients for plants growth. However, a large proportion of soluble inorganic phosphorus added to soils is soon fixed as an insoluble form which plants are incapable of absorbing. Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria have the ability to promote plant growth by increasing phosphorus in P-deficient soils and dissolve micro-organisms in soil.

Application scope:

Cereal Crops, Fruit Crops, Vegetable Crops, Flower and Ornamental Crops, Seedling, Tea Tree, Tur

  1. Increase soil fertility
  2. Help plants to absorb inaccessible nutrients in soil.
  3. Enhance the resistance to disease.
  4. Lower input costs.
  5. Decrease environmental pollution.
  6. Decrease obstacles in successive cropping.
  7. Improve the yields of crops.
  8. Promote flowing crops grade.
Product specification: 1kg,5kgs(powder)
Direction for Use

Applying amounts are varied from soils and crops.

  1. Seedling inoculation: When apply on seedlings of tea trees ,vegetables, melon, fruit trees and sapling, dip the roots into 1:100 or 1:200 dilute liquid before cultivation.
  2. Seed inoculation:
    (1) Coating: Squirt the seeds and coat the seeds with one thin layer of PSB powder.
    (2) Dipping: Dip seeds into 1:100 or 1:200 dilute liquid before cultivation.
    (3) Applying before covering soil.
  1. PSB can be mix-used with dilute liquids of chemical fertilizer, humic acids and etc…or organic fertilizer.
  2. Please do not mix PSB with high density of chemical fertilizer or toxic pesticide which will lead to the death of fungi.
  3. Please store the product in cool area and avoid long- period storage under high temperature.
Fert-P Mechanism