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Product characteristics:

Active Admixture No.1 contains natural enzymes and high units of natural live microorganisms, which makes use of advanced fermentation technology and applies safe microorganisms announced by the environmental protection bureau. It is very useful in eliminating odor and cleaning, decomposing organic substance.

Application scope:

Eliminate odor in toilet and kitchen, clean the septic tank, decompose organic substance of slaughter house, junkyard, compost yard, and decompose excretion of pets and poultry to keep the environment clean and fresh.

Product specification: 1 kg, 5 kgs (powder)
  1. Routine cleaning of septic-tank Pour 20~30 ml (gram) of Active Admixture into toilet and flush into septic-tank. Apply every 3 to 5 days afterwards or apply the same volume or weight the day after using chemical acidic detergent. The recommended amount mentioned above is applicable for a regular family (4-8 people), if the septic-tank has a larger volume, the amount of Active Admixture should increase accordingly.
  2. Professional treatment of septic-tank Activate the powder by adding to water and break the dirt built up over the years with machine at the same time. Pour the solution into the septic-tank gradually in quick succession and stir for 1 hour is sufficient to break down and eliminate foul smell.
  3. Eliminate foul smell in and out of washroom, slaughterhouse, compost site, livestock farm and garbage dump Dilute Active Admixture 30-50-times with water and sprinkle evenly with sprayer everyday onto stool, floor, drainage, walls and ditches to effectively eliminate foul smell.
  4. Eliminate foul odor and remove deposit in kitchen drainsApply once every 2~3 days. Each time use 10~20 ml of Active Admixture and dilute with water to 20~50-times. Flush the solution to deposited area during the night when the water is not in use.
  5. Eliminate the foul smell from pets' excrement Dilute Active Admixture 20-times with water. Sprinkle evenly around the pet's activity area and excrement with a sprayer.
  6. Decompose kitchen scraps and compost Drain out the water in kitchen scrap receptacle and place in kitchen scraps bucket (with filter and draining faucet at the bottom). Dilute Active Admixture about 10-times with water and sprinkle evenly on the top of kitchen scraps with a sprayer. When each kilogram of kitchen scraps is decomposed and produces water, open the faucet to drain the water. The water collected can be poured into sink or toilet drain, since the living bacteria inside is the best cleaner. Remains of kitchen scraps can bury into the soil as fertilizer for the garden or potting.